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Apple HomePod might pair using noise, and it sounds awesome

apple homepod
apple homepod

The upcoming Apple HomePod could be the easiest smart speaker to set up, courtesy of a quirky sound-based pairing method.

New gadgets are great, but setting them up can often be experience-ruining. Fortunately, Apple may be looking to introduce an ingenious pairing method that makes it easy to connect the upcoming HomePod speaker to your iPhone – simply by making a noise.

Developer Guilherme Rambo has done some digging in Apple’s latest iOS 11 beta release, and uncovered the clever new feature as a result. In a post to Twitter, he wrote: “One thing I missed about the HomePod setup: it can be done without manually typing the passcode, through audio.”

He posted the following screengrab to Twitter:

The image depicts an iPhone screen with a HomePod connection panel open. The text on the panel reads: “Your iPhone is listening to a tone from the HomePod. Make sure it is nearby and unobstructed. Try again.” There’s also an option to “Enter Passcode Manually” if that doesn’t work.

What we assume this means is that instead of typing in your passcode, your Apple HomePod will be able to emit a custom tone that your iPhone can understand – and thus enable pairing.

Of course, Apple hasn’t confirmed any such detail through official means just yet, but we’re likely to hear more about the HomePod at the company’s September 12 product launch event, where we’re expecting to see the iPhone 8 debut.

Apple announced the HomePod on June 5 this year, showing off the new gadget to onlookers at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The HomePod is a smart speaker that’s powered by Apple’s own Siri digital assistant, and is a direct rival to devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Apple currently plans to release the HomePod in December 2017 in White and Space Grey colour options.

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