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Alchemy: Turning Rocks to Gold Since the Middle Ages!

Alchemy. Such a misunderstood science. I hope this article can help set things straight for whomever reads it. Alchemy is an ancient art, first practiced in the Middle Ages. It was devoted to finding a substance that would transmute, (or turn) common metals in to gold, silver or other precious …

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Meaning of Alchemy: Turn Lead Into Gold

You have probably heard the legend that alchemists–wizards of some kind who were like combination’s of chemist and magician–could turn, or tried to turn, lead into gold. But is alchemy really just about getting rich quick? Or is the precursor and root of modern day chemistry something deeper than that? …

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Where to Find Gold by Reading Streams and Rivers

Many inexperienced prospectors often get frustrated very quickly when they first start. They’re expectations are high and they don’t have a lot of experience to work with. While there are many skills one must develop to mature into a successful prospector, the one all beginners should focus on immediately is …

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How Gold is Used in Space

With the chemical symbol of “Au”, atomic number of “79”, and a melting point of 1064.43 degrees centigrade, Gold is a non-toxic, biologically friendly, and a metal of excellent electric conductivity known to Man from ancient times. Also thought to being closely connected to the ancient gods and Angels, Gold …

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