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The Significance of Gold to Space Travel

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world and has always been a symbol of wealth and luxury. It has been in use for centuries for different purposes such as jewelery, gold coins, dentistry, biology and manufacturing. It fetches a high price in the market, and the …

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Why Do We Need Gold?

Gold was considered the metal of gods, of king, the precious metal always regarded as a reward. The question is, can we live without it? First of all, the gold included in jewelry is an example of beauty, samples of real masterpieces. What society can live without art? Probably on …

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Scientific Uses Of Gold

Gold remains the best investment at present because there are new uses that are being discovered every day for this precious material. People who decide to purchase gold coins or bullion will soon realize that they have taken one of their best decisions. The price of gold is very small …

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Importance of Gold in Indian Culture

For centuries, civilisations have reserved gold as objects of luxury believed to be worthy of only gods and rulers. It is one of the posh metals, and holds immense religious magnitude especially in Indian culture. Gold is taken as a sign of supremacy, beauty, and cream of the crop. Many …

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Gold and Religion

In all the recorded history of mankind gold holds a high position. It is found in economy as a carrier of value, in art as a symbol of grandeur and in social interactions as a sign of high status. Religions across the globe reinforce this key place for gold, using …

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Alchemy: Turning Rocks to Gold Since the Middle Ages!

Alchemy. Such a misunderstood science. I hope this article can help set things straight for whomever reads it. Alchemy is an ancient art, first practiced in the Middle Ages. It was devoted to finding a substance that would transmute, (or turn) common metals in to gold, silver or other precious …

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