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Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could launch way earlier than we expected

Samsung’s next smartphone – the rumoured Galaxy S9 – could launch sooner than previously believed, according to a new report.

Typically, phone makers will stick to a fairly consistent launch cycle for their new devices. That’s because it means consumers don’t get burned out, and allows phone makers to capitalise on yearly purchase trends. It also means they get sufficient time to source new components and prepare new designs. Still, it’s often the case that these cycles will be shifted from time to time.

That’s reportedly what’s happening with Samsung’s next smartphone, the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S9. According to a report from Samsung’s home turf of South Korea, the new phone will debut in January. That’s two months before Samsung’s usual March launch.

The information comes from business site The Investor, which claims that this shift is made possible thanks to early access to display panels. For context, display shipments for the Galaxy S8 are believed to have begun in January this year, two months before the phone was revealed. For the Galaxy S9, it’s believed that panels will become available in November 2017, bringing the possible release forward.

Still, it’s impossible to say with any certainty when the phone will actually launch. Just because panels are available early doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will arrive any earlier. It’s entirely possible that Samsung will stick to its usual February/March timeframe, to remain aligned with Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress tradeshow – and reap the benefits of the press-horde that comes with it.

Also, even if the phone does debut in January, it’s unlikely to go on sale then. We’d still expect that the handset wouldn’t actually be delivered to the hands of customers until February at the earliest.

In any case, we can’t verify this latest leak, so we’d recommend taking this rumour with due caution for now.

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